Valentin ’Eywek’ Touffet

Backend developer

About me

I'm a french web developer since 2013, I've started learning from myself using online lessons, my first project was a free CMS for a tiny game called Minecraft, the second one is available on Github.
I'm now a 42born2code's student since 2017 and I'm working at Keymetrics (PM2).

My skills

I'm curious, perfectionist and persistent, I love learning new stuffs and develop things from scratch.

HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript jQuery PHP MySQL NodeJS MongoDB Git / GitHub C

My works



Current Job NodeJS MongoDB ElasticSearch NGINX Scaling Team PM2
MineWeb website


CMS Minecraft PHP PM2 NodeJS MariaDB replication Elasticsearch MongoDB Support Community
42born2code's projects


Linux C NodeJS PHP Graphic Shell Rigour

Contact me

I'm currently busy with my work at Keymetrics and my studies at 42born2code. I do not offer any support for MineWeb by email.